We here from Quantum Epiphany 2.0, after more than three and a half decades of Quantum Field Researching have come up with the following very true premise:

      We think that we are our bodies; we are not.
      We think that we are our problems, or our ancestors, or our many identities. We are not.
      We are not our sex, or our illnesses, or our desires. We are not our loves, our pains, or our addictions.

What we are is a piece of All That Is, a piece of Infinite Intelligence, Source Energy, sired by the light, in order that the “isness” might experience itself greater than it was before.

We are the pure embodiment of a love so vast, so incomprehensible, that we run from its power. Yet, that very same power that we continue to run away from is – exactly what we are.

  •    We are the higher power that is greater than ourselves.
            We are an amazing – marvelous creation of both mind and matter.
            We are the ongoingness and foreverness of absolutely everything that is.
            We are a portion of the infinite, a piece of god destined to wake up on day and remember just that.
            We are incomprehensible forces of energy living for now inside of our bodies, our physical instrument, because that is what we chose to do.
            We are a portion of the whole; therefore what god is, is exactly what we are.
            We are power centers of unlimited magnifiance, supreme intelligences who have never been separated from our source, for we are that source.

            We are what we look outside of ourselves to find. We are the love that we so desperately seek, the joy for which we yearn, the fervor of live we think that somewhere along the way we lost. Our longing is but the pressing call of our soul to wake up, and to remember that we are all co creators living and experiencing physical life from within the amazing confines of this holographic, illusionary universe of our own choosing.

This, then, is our grand journey home.