Perhaps the most elusive area for human beings to enter into is the enormous gap between the spaces separating all of our “thoughts.”

When we attempt to clear our mind, usually the act of clearing our minds only leads to more thoughts and more inner dialog – clamoring’s.

After all, when you think about it – thinking about what it would be like to be in The Gap, or that illusive, yet “illusionary” space between our thoughts – is just another inner dialog observation that clutters up our minds even further.

Usually we stay stuck on one thought or a frequency vibration until another thought or frequency vibration takes over, leaving very little unused space in our inner thought worlds for uber important Spontaneous Quantum Manifestations.

As it turns out though, the spaces between our thoughts are always very brief and seldom has any unawakened human being ever wonder, or even questioned within ourselves – “what would it be like for me to have fewer thoughts, good or bad, right or wrong, or even true or false – about what it is that I would find in the deep void between my inner dialog thoughts and my abilities to stop the outer worlds influence – and thereby spontaneously affecting reality”.

But, the paradox between thinking, and not thinking, doing and not doing, is clearly obvious in each and every aspect of our illusionary physical human lives here within the supremely elegant confines of The Illusionary Human Games.

The change – changes everything.

As Players in the Human Games though, expanding that space between our inner most thoughts, wants and desires, as quantum physics so clearly shows us, is by far our best option. We, as unaware and unawakened human players constantly and consistently move on faster and faster – to more and more unwanted thoughts and limiting beliefs. These thoughts and beliefs are divinely designed to create in each and every one of us a deeper state of limitations, frustrations and complications in our physical existence until we finally have our first moment of a Progressive Quantum Epiphany.

So, why should we concern ourselves at all about entering into this most common, yet most elusive gap in the silencing of our inner dialog? Well, It’s because absolutely everything that we can experience with any or all of our physical experience emerges from that Gap — That Void, That Vortex, or as quantum physics calls it, The Field of Infinite Possibilities… A place outside of all space and time, yet everything we physically experience comes from there.

We, as Players In The Human Games – inside of the Holographic Universe of our own making, design, and choosing – get a suspicion, or a feeling of why the space between our thoughts and our ability to manifest is such a vital concept to grasp onto, and yes, to enter into regularly. Especially when we consider the following:

The place of “no thing” is where all that is “some thing” originally comes from. Spirituality and the Law of Attraction calls it The Vortex. Quantum Science calls it The Field of Infinite Possibilities, while Meditators call it the space of No Thing, or The Gap or the Void.

We need the Void, or the No Thing, or the Vortex in order to create something tangible, new, or physically here within this illusionary bodily realm that we all exist in as human players – human beings.

As an example, consider any sound that you might either hear or make…

Where do those sounds come from? The Void, The Silence, The Emptiness, and The Field of Infinite Possibilities!

Without the Vortex, or the Void, there would be no sounds, noise, or absolutely anything physical at all within our illusionary holographic reality.

Habit 1: Observe the Silence between the Notes

It is the silence between the notes that makes the beautiful music that we love and appreciate”. That my friends is an ancient Zen observation that clarifies the following idea:

Imagine if you can – music without any pauses or silent spaces between the notes, speeches without any moments of silence between the words, or even heartbeats with out the still moments between the life giving pulsations. Without the pauses for silence in our music, discussions, our heartbeats – or everything else in the physical world would be just one infinitely long bout of aimless noise. That which we call music, our conversations, or our life force beating out a rhythm in our chests would be both inconvincible, as well as universally impossible.

This is true for all of creation, including the spiritually awakened world that you hopefully wish to create for yourself here within the illusionary holographic universe, as has been so clearly proven by quantum physics. Creativity itself is a function of the Vortex, or The Field of Infinite Possibilities.

The evidence for this is right in front of you every time you hold your hand up in front of your face and stare deeply into it – believing it to be “real”, or solid.

For instance, when I look out the window of my Southwest Florida Waterfront Home I see several tall palm trees that were not there fifteen years ago. Where did they come from? A seed, “yes”. And where did the seed come from, an electron, “yes”, or a subatomic particle, “yes”. And where did the subatomic particle begin?

It began, as you will soon learn in our 3hree Hour – Quantum Epiphany 2.0 Symposium; our 2wo day – Weekend Transformation Event – The Human Games; or our 5ive Day Progressive Retreat, – it began in The Vortex, or The Field of Infinite Possibilities,. It began in the silence between the musical notes that make up the bare bones of our human physical existence.

As a Player in the Human Games I observe a building that once was nothing more than a simple empty space, or just a vacant lot. The buildings physical origin as a brick and mortar construction came only from my freewill driven human mind. The structures entire existence is credited to nothing more than from just the manifestations created by the silencing of the inner dialog of our human minds. The building we experience as being so “real” and so “solid” was created by “us” in the Vortex, or the Quantum Gap, which exists between our unique and individual contemplative and innovative thoughts that have the power to easily create worlds.

I sat in my Florida home and I watched my daughter Sophia out in our backyard salt-water canal on a stand up paddleboard, and, a serious question popped into my sub conscious mind – six full seconds before my conscious mind was even aware of it.

What is my daughters true beginning? The seed, the egg, and the correct human conditions required to create life. Yes, of course, but, ultimately it is the pure – high vibrational quantum energy that is the architect of the creative life force inside the tiniest of particles bursting with energy inside of her and everything in her existence.

From these subatomic particles, or quanta comes the unique human form and life force that allows her, an illusionary being – just like myself, as well as every single being or object in our illusionary universe to exist within a physical human life experience. “I” and “her” and “you” and “we” all come directly from that which is “observable” as well as that which is physically capable of being “observed”. We are all interconnected, we are all one, and therefore – everything we do matters.

St. Paul told us, “That which is seen, hath not come from that which doth appear.” No, indeed, it comes from The Emptiness, The Gap, The Void, The Vortex, or The Field of Infinite Possibilities as well as the illusionary spaces in between all “things”. In the silence between our thoughts we find the probabilities, possibilities and the pretentions of that who we have eternally been, Creative Geniuses.

Quantum Spiritual Awareness never eludes us when we focus our higher vibrational frequencies and our increased levels of personal power on what we truly desire. But, at the same time the self created – limitation filled human experience creates only unwanted life situations when we remain attentive only entrenched in our run-on outer world thoughts, actions and deeds.

Habit 2: Think of Thoughts as Things


Think of all of our thoughts as things which need silence between them to attract and manifest new forms of our innermost thoughts, wants, experiences and creations into life. Two bricks can’t be fastened together to form a wall without a space for the mortar. The mortar itself is comprised of particles that require spaces between them to allow them to become mortar.

Our thoughts are the same.

Thoughts require a pause between them to give life to that which they represent separately. This is The Emptiness, The Gap, The Void, The Vortex, or The Field of Infinite Possibilities, and it is the spacewhich allows us to build, create, imagine, and manifest all that we’re capable of creating with these thoughts. Our thoughts are so powerful that when harnessed they can easily create worlds, universes, as well as every human experience that you came here from beyond physical matter to experience, along with anything and everything else currently available for us to experience in this holographic illusionary “reality” of our own creation.

Habit 3: Observe Your Thoughts, But Don’t Describe Them


The physical Earth realm of The Human Games is a place of ecstatic peace and serenity. It’s a place that the ancient ones of Meso America called the Nagual and the Tonal, and they were careful to elucidate that the Nagual that can be described is not the Nagual that we know and understand.

Just like them, I can’t describe to you in an intelligent manner the inner workings of The Gap, The Void, The Vortex, or The Field of Infinite Possibilities, nobody can.

Why? Because to do so is to leave The Holographic Illusionary Reality and revert to what is either in “back” of it or in “front” of it. It is not now, nor will it ever be, something that you can do from a physical human experience while “inside” of it.

I know and can understand the bliss that we all feel when we are creating in it through The Field of Infinite Possibilities. But, the moment I contemplate that bliss, I’m out of it. I therefore have begun to think of The Gap as infinite Intelligence, or Gods house, since God is the omnipresent, invisible force that is in all of the universal creations.

Habit 3: Dissolve Your Boundaries


In every drop of human protoplasm there’s a “future-pull” that allows the physical journey we all came here to experience – to progress. The entire material – inner world journey that we are all on as living humans on the Earth today is all in that magical protoplasmic physical material existing in that microscopic drop of a seedling called Our Physical Human Conception. It came from the no-where, shows up in now-here, and is always in the process of heading back and forth in and out of the no-where

It’s all a question of spacing.

There’s something analogous with our thoughts as well. Within all of us is the almost unfathomable power to enter easily into The Gap between our thoughts where we can commune silently with Infinite Intelligence or God and bring to life the same creativity that we see in the world of nature — a world that we are all an integral component off.

That’s right.

We’re just as much a part of the miraculously creative panorama of nature as the flowers, the sunsets, the seedlings turning into palm trees, the changing of the seasons, and everything else.

It’s being outside of The Vortex and listening only to the human ego that keeps us from living at the level of higher vibrational frequencies, controlled emotional responses, ever charging up levels of personal power, and our ability to command our wills and disciplines to become physically healthier and stronger, that allows us to easily be able to manifest harmoniously with all that is.

Join us in our Live Events to explore deep within yourselves the true reason about why you crafted yourself here in the Holographic Illusionary Reality of our own choosing.