Sometimes when we are feeling sad and depressed, the chemical producing hypothalamus gland located in the frontal lobe of our brain produces amino acid neurotransmitters that floods our 37 trillion cells in our body about a million times a minute, and what that does is it amplifies our dominant emotions. Now, if your dominant emotion is fear, frustrations, and sadness, like the majority of the people on the planet today, the only remedy, other than controlling our original emotional response, is to have a “real” cry. I mean I’m talking about a “real – serious cry”. I mean I’m talking about the kind of cry that opens up your soul to the point that you have a full blown out cryathon.

And, usually you don’t even know that it is coming. It starts to hit you at work one day. You’ll just be at work and because of how our bodies work in correlation with the Neuro Transmitters, and the feeling hits you. You wont even know what’s going on, you will be just walking around in a kind of haze, or a brain fog, people talk to you, but you’re not expecting anyone to even communicate with you, so when they “tap” you your like – “what” – “yes”, what can I do for you?

Someone says – are you all right – you look like going to cry? No – I’m not going to cry!   I’m just concerned about the Toner in this machine, and it being refilled – cry, cry, cry… I have asthma, but it’s kind of a strobe like asthma, cry, cry, cry…

And you’re wondering what is wrong with me, what is happening, what do I need to do to remove this feeling, and then you get a tap on your shoulder, a tap, and when you turn around to look at who taped you on the shoulder, it’s The World… The World… right on your shoulder going, “Hi, what’s up”, I don’t know if we met but I’m the world, and I just want to let you know something, um, – “you’re going to cry”!!!

And you’re like – thanks world!

And you’re like – that’s what I need to do, I need to go home today and I need to cry, but you’re at work so you have to hold it in, the entire day your holding it. But, you’re thinking – when I get home today, I’m doing it, I am doing it…

But when you get home you just know that you are going to unload. And, it sucks when you live with people, you’re family, or roommates, and you’re hoping that nobody is home, you’re really praying that nobody’s home, because the second that you walk in that door you’re ready to collapse in tears.

So, you have to yell out, it’s like a test, so you’re like – “hey – what’s up, anybody around”?  You get those 3 seconds of silence – the its ok to cry silence, 3, 2, 1, and you just go – WAAHHHAAAA   and you fall against the couch, WAAHHHAAAA, and you cry really hard to, ok… WAAHHHAAAA. Then after finally getting this release, after crying, the chemical balance in our bodies shifts a bit, and it starts to feel good that you’re crying like that.

And what you do is you latch on to one phrase, that you just repeat over and over again, just something that means something to you… I did my best, I did my best, I did my best, I did my best, I did my best…

And then you think that you hear someone coming and you say – “hello, heeey, what’s up, – nobody – WAAHHAAA.

Now your face is leaking, many different fluids, and you’re almost so fascinated that you’re crying that you want to cry harder – so what do you do? You start thinking about things that make you really sad, like 9th grade when Sandy didn’t invite you to her part, yet she invited everybody else in school. You’re like – why didn’t she invite me, why didn’t she invite everybody but me, I did my best…

Now you’re crying so hard that you do that thing where you get up and go to the mirror and watch yourself cry.   WAAAHHHHAAA, I look like, WAAHHAAA, OOOHHHH   EEERRRREE AAHHHAAA.

You know what’s really weird, have you noticed that the phone always rings when you’re crying? And what’s really strange is that you answer it. You answer it, and even though you don’t want the world to know that you’re crying, you still pick it up. I think that it’s because subconsciously we are all reaching out… We want someone to help us, so we pick up the phone trying to disguise it, right, you pick it up, waahhaa, “Hello”, waahhhaaa, “hey what’s up dude, what’s going on, no im not crying ya fag, shut up, (fake laugh – then cry)

And then the person that calls just start saying the things that really touch your heart like: “listen man, I don’t want to keep you, but, I don’t know man, I just wanted to call you and let you know that – you did your best today, you did your best… Thanks dude!     Oh, and by the way, I talked to Sandy from 9th grade, remember her, and, she says that she regrets not inviting you to that party.

Ha ha ha, really, crazy, I was just thinking about that –

If we learn to dominate our emotional reactions to whatever the world throws at us, we can produce neuro transmitters of love, instead of victim peptides and our world will completely change for the better.