Everything you do matters, every move you make, every action you take, matters not just for you, or your family, or your home town, everything you do matters to all of us – and forever,


I was at my home in Cape Coral a couple of years ago and I had set up my ironing board in front of the television set and I was ironing all of the clean clothes that I had hanging up in the laundry room, and I remember it all very clearly. I was ironing the left sleeve of a white shirt and the TV was on and I was watching an ABC News weekend program called The Person of The Week, and I was barely listing to the show when I heard the host say the person of the week for… and he gave the date, is Norman Borlaug.


Wow, that got my attention. When he said Norman Borlaug I put the iron down and I literally ran over to the TV and I swear my mouth was so wide open that my jaw was almost on the floor, Norman Borlaug, I didn’t even know that the guy was still alive. I mean I knew who he was, I had many conversations about him with the owner of a hybrid seed testing facility that I knew because for several years my wife had worked for his company in central Mexico.


You see, these guys from Mexico had calculated that his work, hybridizing corn and wheat for arid climates had saved from famine and starvation the lives of over 2 billion people, the guy had saved 2 billion lives, and for that he was person of the week.


But that started aggravating me because I knew that it wasn’t Norman Borlaug that did it, I was even shouting at the TV its not Norman Borlaug that did it, It was a guy named Henry Wallace.


Henry Wallace was Vice President of The United States under Roosevelt. Before becoming one of Roosevelt’s 3 different Vice Presidents, he had formerly been The United States Secretary of Agriculture – who while he was Vice President used the power of that office to create a station in Central Mexico whose only purpose was to hybridize corn and wheat for arid climates and he hired a young man named Norman Borlaug to run it.


And yes, it was Norman Borlaug that one the Nobel Prize, and it was Norman Borlaug that won the Person of the Week, but when you think about it, it was really Henry Wallace that saves the 2 billion people – wasn’t it really?


Unless it was George Washington Carver. You guys remember Carver, the peanut guy. Well, maybe here’s something that you don’t know – George Washington Carver, a professor who would take students out on Botanical Expeditions, would always take a young 6 year old boy along with his other adult students, and it was George Washington Carver that put a vision about plants and what they could do for humanity into a young Henry Wallace, and by doing that, without even knowing it, he just happened to save the lives of over 2 billion people, and counting.


So, when you think about it, maybe it was Carver that should have been person of the week.


Unless it would have been the farmer from down in Missouri. A man named Mosses had a wife named Susan. Tey lived in a slave state but they didn’t believe in slavery. Well, this was a big problems for the psychopaths like Quantros Raiders who rode through farms and villages at night destroying and killing. And on one freezing cold January night Quantros Raiders came through Moses’s and Susan’s farm and they burned their barn and they shot several people, and they drug off a lady named Mary Washington who refused to let go of her infant baby – George.


Now – Mary Washington was Susan’s best friend, and because of this relationship, Moses sent word out immediately – trying to create a meeting with Quantros Raiders, and just 2 short days later he had it.


He took the only horse that he still had left alive from his burned up farm and he rode several hours north to a cross rode’s in Kansas to be there at the appointed time – meeting 4 of Quantros Raiders who showed up on horseback carrying torches – with flour sacks over their heads, with the eye holes cut out. And in that moment Moses traded his last horse he had left on his farm for what they threw him in a burlap bag, and as he caught it, and as they thundered off he dropped to the ground and there – in that cold darkness – he pulled out of that burlap sack a cold and naked, almost dead baby infant boy – and he ripped his jacket open and his shirt and he put that little baby in there, next to his skin, and he walked that baby out. Talking to him. Promising him that he would love him and raise him as his own son. Telling him he would educate him in honor of his mother that he new was already dead. And that was the night that he told that baby that he would give him his name.


That is how Moses and Susan Carver came to raise that little baby George Washington. So, when you think of it, maybe it was the farmer from Diamond Missouri that save the 2 billion people. UNLESS…


We could keep going back. But just like we could keep going back into these people’s lives, we can go forward in each and every one of our lives. You see, there are complete generations of people yet to come whose lives will be shaped and shifted by what you do tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. Because everything that you do matters. Every move you make, every action you take, matters, not just for you, not just for your family, not just for your home town, everything you do matters for all of us, and forever.