Go Far Beyond what you think is Possible!  

Take a Quantum Leap forward into the Illusionary Holographic Universe by joining us at one of our Live Event Training Sessions,  * The Quantum Epiphany 2.0 Symposium, as well as our amazing Weekend Transformational Event, * The Human Games.

Quantum Epiphany Live Events

In the Quantum Epiphany 2.0 Symposium, the two day long – Weekend Transformational Event – The Human Games , as well as in the soon to be presented five day long Advanced and Progressive Retreat, Todd D. Lindgren introduces new teachings on eliminating emotional baggage and limiting beliefs, as well as new long lasting ancient meditational practices. In all of The Live Events there will be an amazing concert like atmosphere, group activities, entertaining event gatherings, and mysterious adventures into the quantum realm of the “unknown”.  

All of these Live Events are sculpted  to easily and efficiently facilitate the group in building a stronger world wide community of “Awakening Humans,”  while at the same time encouraging each participant to become their highest ideal self.

The Quantum Epiphany 2.0 Symposium

The 5ive Quantum Resolutions

The Human Games

 Weekend Transformation Events

The Quantum Epiphany 

Progressive & Advanced 5 Day Retreat

Featured Speaker and Host Todd D. Lindgren

Todd D. Lindgren is an International Symposium Presenter, a Quantum Field Researcher, an Author, a Motivator, and an Educator who has over thirty-five years of dedication to the Spiritual Warriors Pathway to Awakening. His teachings are uniquely based on the knowledge provided for us by ancient Meso American cultures blended with Modern Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Events, as well as Quantum Spiritually.

    Todd D. Lindgren

Host, Quantum Field Researcher, Author.

Go beyond what you think is possible!

Take a Quantum Leap into the unknown and join us on a journey that will spark your creativity, elevate your belief in possibility, challenge you to become the most inspiring version of yourself, and give you the freedom to truly love yourself in a fun and healthy environment.

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